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NOBEL SPORT ITALIA produces shotgun cartridges for hunting and sport shooting with components all manufactured and assembled by Nobel Sport, making its own production cycle unique and therefore very reliable.

componenti rit

The production of these components counts:

    • Cases and their parts: tubes, cap base wads and metal heads, using the best raw materials and technology;
    • Primers and their parts manufactured with great precision and attention, therefore safe and dependable;
    • Single-base Vectan and double base SIPEn, S4n and TECNAn Powders well known worldwide for their ballistic performance, stability and homogeneity;
    • NSI 2-piece® wads in polyethylene, exclusively used for loading NOBEL SPORT ITALIA cartridges. This wad has a particular internal damper, which allows loading different doses of leadshot protecting them from rubbing against the barrels. It also gives flawless and even patterns through distance, moderating pressures also in speedy cartridges and reducing recoil quite remarkably.
    • NSI GT® wads in polyethylene. This pre-cut 1-piece wad has a shock absorber at the bottom, which provides great grip when shooting and an adequate pressure limitation in balance with the cartridge’s speed.
    • Leadshots and Buckshots made through exhausted battery recycling and drip casting or mould pressing production steps.


NOBEL SPORT ITALIA cartridges are the result of careful raw material selection, long-standing technical and ballistic expertise, and an innovative forefront technology as well as a severe quality control system through the entire production chain.

These elements guarantee NOBEL SPORT ITALIA’s seriousness and product dependability.

Its target and field loads are since ever offered across the world, placing the Company on top of the hunting and sportshooting industry, proud to represent the Italian excellence.



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Production plant: Strada Pavese, loc. Baronina – 15050 RIVALTA SCRIVIA (AL)
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